Ok first disclaimer I’m sure I’m far from the first person to say this but I think I might be the first to season it with profanity. But anyways.

Cheong soo pieng is a stupid little bastard man who made his living off ogling brown women. There’s always been a…

“Femi fucktards should go back to their pig cage,” one comment reads. It’s just another in a sea of verbal abuse as countless others spout misogynistic slurs in their native languages.

Another reads “I’m thinking about her deepthroating my cock.”

“Sad to see the Korean entertainment industry getting as corrupted…

K-pop’s status and influence as a cultural force has been steadily growing worldwide and despite the pandemic, it shows no signs of stopping. I bring you a hopefully colourful and varied list of my top 20 k-pop songs this year.

Yeojin in Loona’s Why Not

(A note: I consider k-pop to be any song made…

I love you guys, but sometimes I just can’t take it

If you’re a straight, cis guy, chances are you’ve clicked on this already frothing at the mouth and ready to put me in your sjw cringe comp. But I implore you to at least read beyond the first paragraph or even the first sentence because this is probably not going…

Cringe Baby

stupid gay cringe listicle writer. they/them.

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